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Salespeople Should Always Be Closing

You have probably heard “ABC, Always Be Closing”. A phrase made famous by the cult-classic film Glengarry Glen Ross. There’s an epic scene where Alec Baldwin belligerently lectures a group of underperforming salespeople. He tells them that they should “ABC, Always Be Closing”. All drama aside, there are some good messages in the movie, and ABC […]

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Know what your customer is thinking

Know Your Customer

Salespeople love to talk about their product. Common advise to salespeople is, “you need to know your product” and “you need to believe in what you’re selling”. These things are true but they are not the highest priority. Ask me the first thing a salesperson needs to know and I’ll say, “You need to know […]

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Sales Email Fails – How NOT to Use Email

Email with prospects should not be used for: Negotiating/ Persuading/ Debating Closing/ Making an ask Delivering news (good or bad) Substituting for a conversation Sounding ridiculous Phishing Imagine that you came back from a sales meeting with Bob, who explained the challenge that he’s having with his production line. It’s not keeping up with demand. […]

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