How to Give a Great Presentation: Part 1, The Basics

Great Presentation Part 1

Sales presentations are a critical step in the sales cycle. A great presentation paves the way to closing the deal. A bad presentation puts you in damage control mode or can kill the deal.

Many people think that good presenters are born and that they are naturally charismatic, funny, and persuasive. The reality is that making a great presentation has more to do with mechanics and preparation. It’s also a lot easier to make a witty comment or let your charisma show when you are not struggling to get through the material.

Your most important deals will always require a presentation regardless of advantages you have or who you know. Let’s look at an extreme example where the CEO of the company you are selling to is your brother-in-law. In this scenario you will present to a group because the CEO will need the support of the people that he works with such as a board of directors, a steering committee, or his top-level managers. If you blow that presentation you risk losing the deal and probably an invitation to your sister’s house for Thanksgiving.

So, what can you do to make sure you nail your next presentation? Focus on three parts:

  1. Content – what information will you present?
    Hint: forget about what’s interesting to you. Give them something that is interesting to them and supports your call to action at the end.
  1. Delivery – how can you communicate the information most effectively?
    Hint: Stick with a tried and true format of a) Intro: tell them what you are going to say, b) Body: say it, c) Conclusion: tell them what you said, d) Close: call to action
  1. Close – what will be your call to action or next step
    Hint: Fill in the blank, “Given what we just covered, I recommend our next step is to ____.”

We’ll cover each one in more detail in later posts. If you are short on time and want to take your next presentation up a notch then just focus on the above three steps, and go give a great preso!

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