How to Give a Great Presentation: Part 2, Know Your Objective

Great Presentation Part 2

The content of your presentation is a strategic balance of two parties’ needs and expectations. You have information that you want to cover and your audience has topics that they want to hear about. You have an agenda of focusing on material that will lead to a specific close. It’s highly likely that you do not fully know your audience’s agenda.

Know your objective.

What are you looking to achieve? Your objective will drive the material you cover as well as the type of presentation. Here are some examples:

  • You are presenting to a group early in the sales cycle to educate them, build good will, develop rapport, and generate interest in your offering.
    • Educational: This segment of the presentation, most of the information flow is from presenter to audience.
  • You want to discover issues that are important to them to set up future sales appointments.
    • Discovery: This part of the presentation, most of the information flow is from audience to presenter.
  • You are presenting to a group as a closer to get the deal.
    • Persuasive: This segment of the presentation is building a case to get to “Yes”

Get this mix right and you’ll give a compelling presentation to an eager audience who will be predisposed to taking the recommended action of your close. Get it wrong and you’ll have a sleeper and no follow up.

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