How to Give a Great Presentation: Part 4, Know Your Close

Great Presentation Part 4Nothing else matters if you don’t know your close. Imagine you are on a remote desert highway and your car is low on gas. You pull into the last service station for the next 100 miles. You clean the windshield, put air in the tires, and buy snacks. But you forget to fill up the tank with gas. Did any of that other stuff matter when your car runs out 30 miles down the road? No. That is the equivalent of giving a great presentation without the right close.

You need to be very clear in your mind on your close and every aspect of your presentation should be created and delivered to support that close.

Since the word “close” is open to interpretation, let’s be clear that a close refers to an agreement on an action. That action can be anything from scheduling the next meeting to signing a contract.

I think you’ve got the point. If you want to dive into this further, go to the next post and read examples of closes.

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