How to Give a Great Presentation: Part 5, Examples of Closes

Great Presentation Part 5Let’s look at some examples of closes. These are a continuation of the examples provided in the previous post.

1. Presentation: You give an educational presentation to Tom and Sue on how critical it is to a pastry shop to buy ovens that are versatile enough to bake a wide variety of food products.
Close: “Let’s schedule a tour and meet the owner of a bakery so you can see how he used our ovens to Goal: expand his lines of business.”
Goal: In this example your close is to get them to agree to go with you on a field trip to one of your satisfied customers and hear his endorsement for your ovens.

2. Presentation: You give an educational presentation to Lisa and Bob on the steps to buying a home and run a discovery session on what they want and need.
Close: “I’m excited for you and I’m happy to help you find a home that you will love. Let’s get started with a buyer’s agent agreement.”
Goal: In this example your close is to get them to sign an agreement that they are committed to only working with you as their realtor.

3. Presentation: You give a presentation to Gary and his team about the type of attacks that hackers make on companies similar to theirs. You provide examples of how your hardware has helped other companies and the amount of money that they saved by avoiding costly security breaches.
Close: “Let’s install one of our units in your network as a 90 day trail. Your engineers will see how easy it is to set up and your boss can see reports on how many attacks we block every day.”
Goal: In this example your close it to get them to agree to try your product for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, you’ll make another presentation on how well the product worked and the close will be to get them to buy.

4. Presentation: The last example (where Frank is trying to trick you), hopefully you’ll discover his ploy and refuse to give the presentation. He’s trying to use you. He wants information to use as ammunition to shoot down your offering.
Close: Don’t bother
Goal: In this case, you want to find another person like Frank’s boss who will listen to you with an open mind.

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