How to Give a Great Presentation: Part 6, The Golden Rule

Great Presentation Part 6If you have only one takeaway from this discussion it is this:

You must be crystal clear on your end goal of your presentation.

Here is a simple litmus test to see if you have a clear end goal. Finish this sentence: “My presentation will be successful if I _____.”

Here are some examples of presentation goals that finish the above sentence:

…get the prospect to agree to do business with us.

…get the prospect to sign this contract.

…get the prospect to agree that our offering can help their business and endorse our solution to the CEO.

Now that you’ve got a clear purpose, it will be easier to create supporting content. All that’s left is to practice. Personally, I enjoy practicing (out loud and in front of the mirror) because it gives me a chance to hear the words and refine my delivery including my body language.

Once you place an emphasis on giving great presentations, you will find yourself holding other presenters to a higher standard. You’ll form a strong opinion about who is a good presenter and begin to adopt phrases and delivery techniques from presenters that you admire.

Finally, your prospects will be impressed with your ability to connect, educate, and persuade and they’ll reward you with more sales.

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